Luminara di San Ranieri


In Pisa, June is the month when is celebrated the patron saint: San Ranieri. For the occasion, the whole month is full of events and historical events that attract many tourists and curious in the city.
The Luminara of San Ranieri is one of the most anticipated and popular events. The festival takes place on June 16 of each year, the eve of the day dedicated to the saint, and affects every building located along the banks of the river Arno.
As tradition, since 1688, in honor of San Ranieri, the buildings and the houses that lie along the river are decorated with thousands of candles placed on the cornices and windows in order to perfectly design their profile. The public lighting is switched off and the city lit only in this way, with more than 70.000 flames, is really spectacular. The buildings reflecting on the waters of the Arno are even more striking.
In this magical atmosphere around 11 pm you can also attend the fireworks that are fired from the citadel and from some floating platforms in the middle of the river.
For the occasion, are illuminated by oil lamps even the ancient walls surrounding Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower.
So the city shines all night, accompanying the party of locals and tourists who crowd the streets of the old town.