Livorno: Effetto Venezia


Festival Effetto Venezia is one of the most characteristic events in the city of Livorno. It takes place for about thirty years between the end of July and the beginning of August, along the streets and artificial channels of the Venezia Nuova district.
It is a very ancient area of the city, considered by many as the true old town of Livorno. The neighborhood was built starting in 1629 with the same techniques used for the famous lagoon town from which it is named. Here you will find some of the architectural jewels of the city: churches, bridges and palaces that give to this area a particular antique charm. Along the suggestive channels of the area are now moored small pleasure boats and numerous trendy venues, made from old warehouses, are found on the shores.
This is the frame of the Festival Effetto Venezia. The alleyways of the neighborhood are enlivened with music, open-air markets, shows, street artists and lots of lights that create the right party atmosphere. Its is an event rich in colors and typical flavors, culture and gastronomy of Livorno. There are also many possibilities for boat trips to discover the city from a different perspective.