Visit to the Aquarium of Livorno


The Aquarium of Livorno is the most important in Tuscany, recently renovated, it houses 2,000 animals of 300 different species.
Located in scenic location on the waterfront of the city, where is located the famous Terrazza Mascagni, the Aquarium of Livorno is a destination not to be missed especially if you are traveling with children.

The aquarium aims to raise public awareness on the need for conservation and sustainable management of the marine environment by promoting responsible behavior. In the tanks are in fact hosted many species at risk of extinction or whose marine habitat is severely threatened by human activity.

Along the exhibition you will have the chance to see up close the various species of the Mediterranean Sea, particularly of the Tuscan coast, but also from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. All fish and marine mammals are housed in a space that reproduces their natural habitat. At the end of the visit you can climb on the roof terrace and see a spectacular view over the waterfront promenade.

Among the major protagonists of the aquarium we find the black tip shark, the zebra shark, the clown fish, the humphead wrasse and the green tartles “Ari” and “Cuba”. There are also several seahorses, corals and starfish.