The Tuscan coast is one of the most fascinating places where fans can play golf. With the blue of the sea to make the frame, the golf clubs of the coast are among the most popular and appreciated for the technical fields and for the panorama.
The coast of Tirrenia is no exception, here are several golf courses where you can practice or work on a competitive level. Each club offers the opportunity to play for adults and children on green perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature. It is possible to choose between 9 or 18 holes strategically modeled to define the game also respecting the needs of the most experienced golfers.
Beginners are instead restricted to practical fields with simpler paths. Those who come close to this sport for the first time can also count on private lessons held by club masters.
The one of the golf club at Tirrenia is a very impressive location, just a few meters from the sea and a short distance from famous Tuscan art cities such as Pisa and Livorno.
Inside the clubs there are often excellent restaurants that allow you to devote to golf the whole day.


The coast between Pisa and Livorno features long sandy beaches, shaded Mediterranean pinewoods and gentle slopes: an ideal setting for bike tourism. In the distance of a few km it is possible to pass from the sea to the hills and to every curve you will find different panoramas.
In addition to the waterfront bicycle paths, there are numerous routes on the territory to explore by bike. The most suggestive itineraries cross vineyards and olive groves, fields, villages and forests a short distance from the sea.
Along the local streets, almost always free of traffic, you can cycle immersed in Mediterranean perfumes. The best times to go cycling on the coast are surely spring and autumn when nature is shown in its most beautiful dress and the streets are free from traffic.
The small villages in the hinterland are ideal to discover on a bicycle, but you cannot miss the great art cities of Pisa and Livorno. Using cycling trails and alleys in the historic center, you can bike in Piazza dei Miracoli or in the panoramic Terrazza Mascagni.
Mountain bikers, on the other hand, can find numerous dirt roads in the Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli, placed just behind the beach.


Every year, at the end of October, Lucca’s historic center hosts an event about comics, animation movies, illustration and games: the Lucca Comics and Games.
The importance of the event goes beyond national borders, has now become one of the most anticipated in Europe.
Lucca Comics and Games is organized inside the medieval walls of the city. This magical place becomes even more fascinating when its streets are invaded by people participating in the event.
Many enthusiasts, in fact, come to town wearing the costume of their favorite character. Simply strolling through the old town is therefore the opportunity to meet many superheroes and other characters coming from movies, comics and video games.
Visitors of Lucca Comics and Games greatly appreciate the festive and fun atmosphere that is created when all of these characters find themselves in the city.
The event also includes the authors and illustrators of the most famous comics: a unique opportunity to shake their hand, make an autograph and take some pictures.
The festival now has a long history of more than 20 years and its popularity does not seem to diminish. Each edition always records a higher number of visitors.


Festival Effetto Venezia is one of the most characteristic events in the city of Livorno. It takes place for about thirty years between the end of July and the beginning of August, along the streets and artificial channels of the Venezia Nuova district.
It is a very ancient area of the city, considered by many as the true old town of Livorno. The neighborhood was built starting in 1629 with the same techniques used for the famous lagoon town from which it is named. Here you will find some of the architectural jewels of the city: churches, bridges and palaces that give to this area a particular antique charm. Along the suggestive channels of the area are now moored small pleasure boats and numerous trendy venues, made from old warehouses, are found on the shores.
This is the frame of the Festival Effetto Venezia. The alleyways of the neighborhood are enlivened with music, open-air markets, shows, street artists and lots of lights that create the right party atmosphere. Its is an event rich in colors and typical flavors, culture and gastronomy of Livorno. There are also many possibilities for boat trips to discover the city from a different perspective.


The Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli is a large green area that extends parallel to the sea and to the beach between Versilia, the province of Pisa and Livorno. It covers a territory of over 23.000 hectares.
Inside the park are Lake Massaciuccoli and the outlet of the rivers Serchio and Arno, two of the most important waterways of northern Tuscany.
The area, covered with pine trees and other Mediterranean plants, is surrounded by a dense network of paths and dirt roads ideal for trekking, mountain biking and horseback riding.
All the main itineraries of the park are well-marked and easily accessible even by the less trained and the children. In fact, they develop completely flat and are mostly without obstacles.
The park is a destination for excursions and walks especially in the summer, as the fresh shade of the trees gives a bit of relief.
During an excursion to the Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli you have to keep your eyes open as it may happen that you can trace the traces of some pinewood inhabitants like deer, wild boars, foxes, peaks and rabbits.


Tirrenia is a quiet seaside resort, boasts shady pine forests and a long sandy beach. There are also facilities for sports and places to spend the evening together.
The village center is the meeting point of all vacationers Tirrrenia. Here are held every evening craft stalls and street food that create colorful markets ideal for a family walk. Excellent local ice cream parlors that offer a tasty remedy for the heat of the Tuscan summer nights.
A short distance from Tirrenia are Pisa and Livorno. These two cities, also reachable by bus, are rich in possibilities and nightclubs also suitable for youger people.
The lively summer in Livorno focuses on Mascagni Terrace where you can enjoy performances and totally free concerts. In the streets of the old town you will find several restaurants and pubs where local artists play live music.
In Pisa the streets around Piazza dei Miracoli are full of people until late at night. In June, during the traditional festivities of the city, you can see historical re-enactments, games and races on the Arno river.


In Pisa, June is the month when is celebrated the patron saint: San Ranieri. For the occasion, the whole month is full of events and historical events that attract many tourists and curious in the city.
The Luminara of San Ranieri is one of the most anticipated and popular events. The festival takes place on June 16 of each year, the eve of the day dedicated to the saint, and affects every building located along the banks of the river Arno.
As tradition, since 1688, in honor of San Ranieri, the buildings and the houses that lie along the river are decorated with thousands of candles placed on the cornices and windows in order to perfectly design their profile. The public lighting is switched off and the city lit only in this way, with more than 70.000 flames, is really spectacular. The buildings reflecting on the waters of the Arno are even more striking.
In this magical atmosphere around 11 pm you can also attend the fireworks that are fired from the citadel and from some floating platforms in the middle of the river.
For the occasion, are illuminated by oil lamps even the ancient walls surrounding Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower.
So the city shines all night, accompanying the party of locals and tourists who crowd the streets of the old town.


The seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago are scattered along the coast between Livorno and Grosseto: each of these is a true pearl of the Mediterranean, in particular the Island of Elba.
A wonderful land with bright colors, Elba can give you unique emotions. Its coast is a paradise for every lover of the sea and the marine life is perfect for activities such as snorkeling, sailing, diving. The hinterland is not less beautiful with vineyards overlooking the sea, castles, archaeological sites and medieval villages.
The main point of embarkation and disembarkation for ferries to Elba is Piombino, charming little town located about an hour from Tirrenia.
The ferry service is active throughout the year and secured by at least four shipping companies (Blu Navy, Elba Ferries, Moby and Toremar) offering frequent connections throughout the day.
To tread the 10 km separating the island from the mainland takes less than an hour. The main landing points are located on the east coast of Elba, the one closest to the continent: these are the locations of Cavo, Portoferraio and Rio Marina.
Once you arrive you can continue navigating even to the smaller islands of Pianosa, Giglio and Giannutri.


The most successfull Festival of music in Tuscany returns to celebrate the 20th anniversary. The Festival takes place in Lucca (Piazza Napoleone), with a full dates of events and international famous guests.  Next weeks it will be officially announced the complete program of concerts but now we already know that band like Green Day, Imagine Dragons and Kasabian have announced their concert. Lucca is easily reached from RTA Orchidea Marina by car or train in 20 minutes.

Official dates :








The Aquarium of Livorno is the most important in Tuscany, recently renovated, it houses 2,000 animals of 300 different species.
Located in scenic location on the waterfront of the city, where is located the famous Terrazza Mascagni, the Aquarium of Livorno is a destination not to be missed especially if you are traveling with children.

The aquarium aims to raise public awareness on the need for conservation and sustainable management of the marine environment by promoting responsible behavior. In the tanks are in fact hosted many species at risk of extinction or whose marine habitat is severely threatened by human activity.

Along the exhibition you will have the chance to see up close the various species of the Mediterranean Sea, particularly of the Tuscan coast, but also from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. All fish and marine mammals are housed in a space that reproduces their natural habitat. At the end of the visit you can climb on the roof terrace and see a spectacular view over the waterfront promenade.

Among the major protagonists of the aquarium we find the black tip shark, the zebra shark, the clown fish, the humphead wrasse and the green tartles “Ari” and “Cuba”. There are also several seahorses, corals and starfish.